Comment 21 for bug 49068

Mike Green (mikey-badpenguins) wrote :

Well, since it appears that the sun java package is not going to be updated for dapper users, I might as well post my workaround. The sun tzupdater package requires a registered account to download it, and I have no idea what licensing restrictions it is distributed under. I created this package to update all of my servers.

1) download the tzupdater zip archive from
2) Extract the attached debian source package: tar xvfz sun-java5-tzupdater.tar.gz
3) Move the downloaded zip file into the extracted directory: mv tzupdater-*.zip sun-java5-tzupdater
4) Edit sun-java5-tzupdater/debian/rules, set ZDIR and ZIP to match your downloaded zip file.
5) Build the package:
 cd sun-java5-tzupdater
 dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot

You now have a deb package in the parent directory. Installing it on a box that already has the dapper provided sun java package will update the currently installed java timezone database. The sun tzupdater alters the already existing package, so any updates or reinstalls of the original dapper package will require the updater to be reinstalled. The postinst detects if java is present and if the currently installed java even needs updating...