Comment 19 for bug 49068

Mike Green wrote:
> Please read
> particularly question 9. The local timezone database, localtime links,
> and the TZ environment variable do not have anything to do with the
> problem (according to Sun).
That doesn't quite make sense. Java may have its own copy of the
timezone database, but it must use something from the user or system to
determine the timezone on the machine where it is running. And given
the behavior we've seen, my guess is that it uses the environment
variable TZ if it is set or the /etc/localtime file in some manner
otherwise. Or it may be using another library that depends on those to
determine the timezone. I haven't had the time to try to track down the
Java source code and determine what it uses and I'm afraid I'm not going
to be able to anytime soon.

Allen Crider