Comment 5 for bug 87023

kko (kko) wrote :

Also, what is problematic with the cases under "Issue 1", is that these cross the border between graphical and command line sudo access, which is very unintuitive for the user. It's OK if 'kdesu' remembers that I've just given my password, _if_ I've accepted this in its options. However, having a sudo capable shell isn't really OK, if I've only given my password to 'kdesu'. And vice versa.

(As a parenthesis: A real-life case I can think of is wanting to try out and './install' some 3rd party software, which has its own installation method (be it text-based or graphical). This could even have the option to _either_ install globally (if given the permissions) or as a fall-back to install locally for the user only. A password prompt at this point is very indicative to the user about where exactly things will be installed, and missing the password prompt can lead, at best, to confusion.)