Comment 2 for bug 87023

kko (kko) wrote :

One more possible solution / workaround:
G. For (primarily) _non_-graphical use-cases of sudo, and to clean-up after graphical applications that lack this functionality -> A new usage option for 'sudo' that is like 'sudo -K' but, instead of only operating on the ticket of the current terminal, cleans _all_ the tickets in '/var/run/sudo/yourusername/'.

The possible downside is that this requires that the user manually (or semi-manually) evokes it. The upside is the same as that stated in 'man sudo' for 'sudo -k' (and, implied, for 'sudo -K'): "This option does not require a password and was added to allow a user to revoke sudo permissions from a .logout file."

As demonstrated by this report and some others, it is quite easy and all the more common to have a number of terminals open, and to use 'sudo' in those or through graphical means. In view of this, I think the option presented here would often prove useful. I wouldn't actually mind if 'sudo -K' would operate on all of the current user's tickets by default.