Comment 90 for bug 32906

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

For the benefit of others who come across this bug: scotty

Don't do this. should always resolve to 'localhost', not to any other name.

  scotty@:~$ hostname


This indicates that no hostname is set. To fix this temporarily, run:

  sudo hostname <my_hostname>


  sudo hostname scotty-laptop

The name you specify here should match the name mapped to in /etc/hosts.

To fix it permanently, edit the /etc/hostname to show the same name.

The problem of being unable to run the GUI tools may be a result of not having all important system updates installed from hardy-updates. Once your hostname is fixed, you should install these updates - to prevent this problem from recurring in the future for you, and to address many other bugs that have been fixed since the release of 8.04.