Comment 7 for bug 1738412

On 2018-01-02 15:38, Robie Basak wrote:
> Tommy, thank you for bringing our attention to this.
> It looks like this issue *is* fixed in the current stable Ubuntu
> release. Perhaps you were looking at the changelog against a newer
> release of Ubuntu than the one you are using?
>> This is a very serious issue...
> Why is this "a very serious issue"? It seems to me that it only affects
> invalid configurations so should only affect development and testing of
> deployments rather than in production? The workaround (if it can be
> called that) is to fix the invalid configuration.
I kind of hope that this is a joke :)
You know sometimes things don't go as intended, that's why the check is
> The fix does look reasonable to SRU though. I wonder if
> squid.git/commit/?id=6ac65f75a971a4a is also relevant? That may be a
> separate bug though, or we may need an additional test case for it.
So it has been a while now. What's the next step to get this in?
The fix is really trivial. Can I help with something to get it rolling?