Comment 46 for bug 573853

On 22 November 2011 05:44, Clint Byrum <email address hidden> wrote:

> Hi Skilly, it doesn't make sense that this would cause the bug to
> regress:
> It didn't touch the default args of squid at all. Make sure you don't
> have a modified /etc/init/squid.conf, the exec line should look like
> this:
> exec /usr/sbin/squid -N $SQUID_ARGS
> Thanks for your reply Clint. Based to your info provided above, I got a
more meaningful error message and discovered that the problem was due to
permissions set on /var/log/squid.

For some reason permission was set to 664 (ownership of root:proxy) and the
app requires the proxy user to have WRITE access to the squid folder. I
changes the permissions to 774 and this resolved the problem.

Not sure how the permissions issue came into being as I had been running
squid successfully for a number of months, before the issue occurred.

My apologies for reporting this as a bug, I'm probably messed up the
permissions while playing on the server.