Comment 23 for bug 573853

Amos Jeffries (yadi) wrote :

There seems to be some confusion over the way these squid processes operates.

In your trace:
root 14719 0.0 0.0 24796 1076 ? Ss 14:26 0:00 /usr/sbin/squid
proxy 14721 2.2 0.2 40212 10352 ? Sl 14:26 0:00 (squid)

the process "/usr/sbin/squid" is a daemon supervisor. Ensuring worker "(squid)" process remains running and restarting it on failures.

Adding upstart to manage this manager process is redundant. Using -N is the correct way to start squid up to version 3.1 without the supervisor/master process. 3.2+ with multiple workers will require changes in either upstart or squid to integrate them better, but the -N mode is still available meanwhile to disable the SMP support.