Comment 9 for bug 754639

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package software-center -

software-center ( natty; urgency=low

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * softwarecenter/db/
    - do not crash if /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/cataloged_times.p can
      not be read (LP: #636049)
  * merged lp:~mvo/software-center/get-reviews-subprocess (LP: #743020):
    - don't use multiprocessing anymore, instead glib.spawn_async()
      a helper app, this finally fixes the crashes with accessibility
      turned on (LP: #743020)
    - update to the latest upstream version
      that supports origin and distroseries as arguments
    - add support for getting all the origins of the DB, this is
      needed for the new functionatlity
    - ship, for
      the glib.spawn_async() change
    - this also makes the reviews fully work in the guest session again

  [ Gary Lasker ]
  * softwarecenter/db/
    - update review loader to check for JoinableQueue rather than
      Queue so that we re-enable the ReviewLoaderThreadedRNRClient
      (LP: #754639)
  * utils/
    - remove two strings marked for translation that are never
      actually shown in the ui, also add translators note for
      combobox entries (LP: #750421)
  * refresh .pot file

  [ Aaron Peachey ]
  * softwarecenter/view/widgets/
    - advise user that app needs to be installed in order to review,
      even if reviews exist (LP: #754879)
 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden> Mon, 11 Apr 2011 23:02:12 +0200