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Gary Lasker (gary-lasker) wrote :

Binary package hint: software-center

Binary package hint: software-center

Ubuntu Software Center 1.1.23, Ubuntu Lucid

Steps to reproduce (the following sequence assumes that the partner repository is enabled at the start):

1. Expand the "Get Software" node in the left pane and select "Canonical Partners" to view the software items list.
2. Select menu item "Edit->Software Sources...".
3. In the Software Sources dialog, click the "Other Software" tab.
4. Uncheck the partner channel entry (" lucid partner") to disable the partner repository.
5. Observe the "In Progress" node appears in the left pane.
6. After a few more seconds, the "In Progress" node disappears, and the "Canonical Partners" node then becomes unselected.
7. At this point, empty rows appear in the list view (see attached screenshot) and things become very broken.
8. Note that reselecting "Canonical Partners" in the left pane restores the list view to a working state (see screenshot).

What should happen:

After the partner repository is disabled and the process completes (step 6 above), the list view should be re-selected in the left pane and the updated partner list view contents rendered without errors.