Comment 6 for bug 529529

Mark Ericksen (spamingfree) wrote :

This is a regression in Meerkat Alpha 3 (just released)

This was a source of confusion for me. I'm an experienced Ubuntu user and a software developer. This is Meerkat Alpha 3 (just released).

In the Ubuntu Software Center, there is a section of "Featured" and "What's New". I was installing software and while that was going on in the background, I was clicking on featured applications and reading about them. When I found a new package I wanted to install, I found there was no way to install it. The "Install" button is hidden when a background download/install is underway. However, when I returned to the "Get Software" section and searched on the name of the software, I could install it there.

The problem is, since multiple software packages can be queued up to be installed, why can't we click "Install" when reviewing a package? At first, I was very confused thinking there was just no way to install the software from the "Featured" software screen. Only later (after trying to get screenshots) did I learn there was an Install button but it only shows up when nothing is happening in the background. I didn't even think about the downloads in the background at the time and was very, very confused.

I've attached three screenshots. 1) when a download is underway (no install button), 2) Install button shows when no installs, 3) Install underway but can search and install from the list.