Comment 0 for bug 1044107

Gary Lasker (gary-lasker) wrote :

Hello! We'd like to request a FFe for a small (but very useful) feature that we'd like to add to Ubuntu Software Center. This is the client-side implementation for the feature described in bug 944060.

Essentially, the feature works like this. If a person has opted-in to receive recommendations in Software Center (and so has agreed to upload a list of their installed packages to the recommender service as a basis for their recommendations), we want to augment our ability to improve our recommendations by signaling to the recommender service whenever an item that has been recommended has actually been installed. It's as simple as that. This kind of "implicit" feedback is expected to be very useful in improving the quality of the recommendations that we make.

Note that if the user has *not* opted in to the recommendations service, no such call is ever made. This feature is inactive.

The feature is completely implemented in the back end and does not involve any changes in the UI. The attached branch contains the code. Note that there is a thorough unit test for the feature included in the branch.

Once we have your approval we will merge the branch to USC trunk for release in Quantal.

Many thanks!!