Comment 0 for bug 1616157

This is a new version of snapd.

The changelog for 2.13 is available here, the raw git changelog is available here: (note that the debian changelog is auto-generated from the merges of the git commits so there is usually no need to look at the raw git commits).

The snappy team released a new 2.13 micro release that we want SRU into xenial. The new process described in was used and we have done integration-tests on the snappy images, autopkgtests on classic and unit tests.

The following automatic tests are run:
- travis unit tests (check for 2.13 here)
- travis/spread based integration/system tests: (check for 2.13 here under "spread")
- jenkins autopkgtests
- jenkins integration tests:

The following additional tests were performed:
- adt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud
- customize the resulting image: "sudo apt install snapd && sudo snap install hello-world && hello-world.env && sudo snap remove hello-world" (ensures the base image has the old debs and the daemon has some state)
- adt-run --source snapd_2.13.dsc --- adt-virt-qemu adt-xenial-amd64-cloud.img: PASS
This included the upgrade from 2.0.12 as part of the autopkgtest run. There are also various snaps installed/removed (including installing and running ubuntu-calculator-app in xvfb) and run as part of the auto pkg test, including reboots to ensure that the system keeps working over reboots.

After installing the new snapd it was ensured that apt is unaffected by doing:
- sudo apt install -y hello && sudo apt remove -y hello

After installing the new snapd gnome-software was used:
- install "http" (snap) and remove it again
All worked as expected.