Comment 8 for bug 491324

Not sure what exactly was fixed, but "/etc/init.d/smartmontools start" doesn't seem to work in Maverick, either. Either it fails silently, or explicitly with a [fail] appendix. "service smartmontools start" works as expected, though.

The daemon is still not set to start on boot, as pointed out by #4

Also, the example scripts provided are buggy, though that is hardly a package maintainer issue (wall commands erroneously use the message as an argument although wall expects its input through STDIN, and the emailer tries to capture output from smartctl by feeding it the full $SMARTD_DEVICE environment variable, which includes the drive type in square brackets, e.g. "/dev/sdn [SAT]", which obviously fails. It's easily converted to something useful by for example

SMARTD_DEVICE_CLEAN=`echo "$SMARTD_DEVICE" | sed 's/ .\+$//'`

but still kinda sucks that the example scripts don't work :)