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== Comment: #0 - RAHUL CHANDRAKAR <email address hidden> - 2017-11-28 03:40:37 ==
---Problem Description---
Can't boot VM with more than 16 disks.
It is an issue with qemu/SLOF (Bug: and it was fixed by Nikunj Amritlal Dadhnia. He has made a patch available and it has been tested by PowerVC team.

We need this fix in Ubuntu 16.04 and later releases.

Machine Type = 8348-21C (P8 Habanero)

---Steps to Reproduce---
 Steps to recreate:
1. Create a VM
2. Attach 50 disks
3. Shutdown from OS
4. Start again and let it boot

---uname output---
Linux 4.4.0-101-generic #124-Ubuntu SMP Fri Nov 10 18:29:11 UTC 2017 ppc64le ppc64le ppc64le GNU/Linux

A debugger is not configured

Patch posted and awaiting response...