Comment 9 for bug 189462

Seth (bugs-sehe) wrote :

Matt, i can see how you are trying to simplify the matter, and I appreciate it, because it *is* helping me understand what happens.

However, as a distro I think there is also the goal of not 'surprising' your users. Both me and Akkana have been raising (imho) very valid points where, from a usage experience, the operation of their system is *actually* broken, by upgrading to hardy, and maintaining slocate installed (nothing special in fact).

Now it may be true, that it *actually* shows a latent issue in the packaging of slocate. I don't think the argument is relevant here, though, as slocate was standard in all previous versions of all Ubuntu version I worked with, and only upgrading to Hardy (a supported operation!) breaks it.

So, at the least, it could be said that it slipped through release testing. No biggie, but I hope this again explains to *you* why you are getting uninterested responses if you (correctly) rationalize the problem away :)

Anyways, I consider this issue well-fixed, and I hope users/dev gap is a little more bridged on this one :)