Comment 10 for bug 189462

Christoph Lechleitner (lech) wrote :

Abel Cheung wrote:
>For those who need command line access, change your habit is the way to go.
This ignorance against command line users is annoying, at best!

Matt Zimmerman wrote in that link mailing list message:
>Today, at least, it doesn't seem to be used, and more featureful indexed
>searching is provided by tracker, and the overhead of re-indexing daily can
>be inconvenient for laptop users.
Daily reindexing is not necessary!
For years we used to call updatedb on demand only.
As of laptop users (and not only them) the system load and power consumation and installation slowdown produced by trackerd and some other stuff (that scans the disc multiple time during installation) is much more disturbing than the simple filename scan of *locate!

Seth wrote:
>Anyways, I consider this issue well-fixed, and I hope users/dev gap is a little more bridged on this one :)
The issue is not fixed!
Althought the fix would be very very easy, the hardy package is still broken!
And hardy as a LTS is supposed to be maintained really well.

Unfortunately it gets more and more clear that Ubuntu's interpretation of the term "support" is a joke.