Comment 21 for bug 990725

Lucas Beeler (lucas-yorba) wrote :

Hi Sebastien,

I'm not sure why your MTS videos aren't being enumerated. But they're not, and this bug can't be marked as "fix verified" until they are.

That said, the fix we implemented to correct this bug cannot cause a regression because it only expands the number of directories that Shotwell searches for video files. You can examine the changeset for the fix here: and confirm this yourself.

Therefore, it is our strong preference that this bug be marked as "failed verification without regression" so as not to delay the distribution of the 0.12.3 update, particularly because the 0.12.3 update corrects a critical issue that causes data loss (i.e. "Shotwell deletes tags at random, lp: #999108") and the fix for this latter, more serious issue has been verified.

As another data point on the stability of 0.12.3, we ship Shotwell as a source tarball (see for users on other distros. Traffic on the mailing list confirms that users are building 0.12.3 from source -- on other distros as well as on Ubuntu -- and we've received no reports of any regression in video detection. Since 0.12.3 was released on May 9 and has been running in the wild for over two weeks now, we'd expect to hear about any regression that might've occurred.

Just to re-iterate, from our perspective, the best way to go here is to mark this bug as "failed verification without regression." We'll fix this bug in the 0.13 cycle, but we don't think its verification failure should delay the push of the 0.12.3 update. Of course, you guys have your own perspectives and considerations, so you may want to do something different. We'll help in any way we can.

Take care, Sebastien! All of us at Yorba look forward to linking up with you guys again at GUADEC this summer!