Comment 15 for bug 1624096

Jason Gerard DeRose (jderose) wrote :

@Laszlo - darn, no luck. Following your recommendations, PXE booting is no longer attempted, but I still end up at Shell> and the installer doesn't launch.

I'm attaching the isolated test script I'm using ATM. If I try it with the latest Yakkety desktop daily ISO, I hit the above hardware exception (as expected because of the issue in `shim`). However, if I try it with the same ISO modified to include /EFI/BOOT/fallback.efi, it goes directly to Shell> rather than launching the installer.

Please let me know if you spot any goofs in my script or can think of anything else to try.

(Note: my test script doesn't have any -net devices at all, but my image mastering tools do, so that's why I know that PXE booting wasn't being tried any more.)

@Mathieu - under the assumption that there is more to this than just the issue in `shim`, or at least that the presence of fallback.efi can't fully work-around it, do you have any suggestions as to where I should go looking for other things that have changed between the Yakkety and Xenial ISOs, things that might be interacting with the `shim` bug in odd ways?

Also, I should make it clear why this bug is critical to System76: our imaging mastering tools use QEMU + OVMF to create our UEFI images, so this is something we absolutely need to find some solution for in order to ship 16.10. Because (most likely) we'll need 16.10 to initially ship Kaby Lake :D