Comment 2 for bug 236956

Sergio Callegari (callegar) wrote :

Please consider this bug to be (almost) fixed.

Following the instructions that I received on the hal mailing list, I have used polkit-gnome-authorisation to change the system behaviour, so that the ownership of the USB scanners is not anymore given to the current console user, but to user "saned"

So this is not really a bug, since the behaviour can be configured.

However, please notice:

1) The default behaviour with regards to scanners is wrong. The default for scanners should be to have as users not just the current console user, but also user "saned", so that a scanner server can be set up.

2) Kubuntu should install polkit-gnome-authorisation by default (even better this should be made a desktop-system independent program to be installed by default in any flavour of ubuntu).

3) Policy kit should allow to define group authorisations and not just user authorisations.