Comment 15 for bug 229343

I'm not sure what the 'why' is, but I share my printer and scanner via a network as well.

Unfortunately, the workaround shown by Vanessa Ezekowitz is not available for 8.04, which is the LTS version supported for 5 years and what I would have liked to continue to use. A printer and scanner are something I need to have working reliably, I cannot be messing with permissions every few months when an update occurs that messes them up.

This 'bug', as I stated a couple of posts ago, is not present in Debian, too bad it crept into Ubuntu because it is running very well otherwise. I wholeheartedly understand that the Ubuntu development team is very busy, and I guess this just leads to another issue I have with Ubuntu. Having to output a new release every six months means they have much less time to fix real issues like this, and may demonstrate a flaw in Ubuntu trying to be all things to all people. I could also realize that it may take the development team a few months or half a year to fix the bug, but we are now talking about 1 yr and 1 month, and there is still no sign that it will be fixed. So, when will it happen? When the next LTS is released?

What the Ubuntu development team may consider a small bug has become a show stopper for me, and is forcing me to use a different server operating system.