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Bug #1972057: file sharing net usershare returns error 255 Undecided Confirmed 6 days

From: Norbert
Link: 108.patch

patch from

Bug #1960754: gencache_init: Failed to create directory: /var/www/.cache/samba - Permission denied Undecided Incomplete 14 weeks

From: Bryce Harrington
Link: add_dir_create_or_exists_recursive.patch


Bug #1795677: nsswitch/libwbclient: memory leak in wbcCtxAuthenticateUserEx Low Triaged 190 weeks

From: Kócsó Balázs
Link: f0e88410bd2528517910f780d71e63f8effb91ef.patch


Bug #1584485: Upgrading samba to latest security fixes together with winbind in nsswitch.conf can harm entire OS High Incomplete 254 weeks

From: Andreas Hasenack
Link: fix-1584485-take2.patch


Bug #1670450: samba4 bind dlz module stops working on rndc reload High Triaged 272 weeks

From: Stéphane Berthelot
Link: dlz_bind9_rndc_reload.patch

dlz_bind9_rndc_reload.patch (see univention bug report credits for it)

Bug #1094438: Samba crashes invalid pointer: 0x00007f0bc3de7590 High Confirmed 384 weeks

From: danb1974
Link: samba-3.6.3-missing-gss-buffer-desc-init.patch


Bug #1228485: smbd and nmbd can start up before their respective apparmor profiles are loaded Undecided Triaged 452 weeks

From: David
Link: nmbd.conf.diff


Bug #811518: SAMBA cannot browse Workgroups, name resolve order Medium Confirmed 497 weeks

From: Felix
Link: name_resolve_order_fix.patch

Patching 1 line in smb.conf for users sake

Bug #217787: cups crashes when using web-gui and refuses to print Undecided Triaged 733 weeks

From: Jamie Strandboge
Link: apparmor_2.1+1075-0ubuntu9.1.debdiff


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