Comment 71 for bug 967410

Louis Bouchard (louis) wrote :

Well after numerous tests, I can no longer reproduce this bug ! I tested the following :

Precise 12.04.1 VM
Precise 12.04 VM
Quantal 12.10 VM
Quantal 12.10 Baremetal
Raring 13.04 VM

From a vanilla install :
• Confirm "Publish shared printers connected to this system" is enabled in PrintTool
• Enable Visibility of printer on network
• Install samba package
• Modify /etc/samba/smb.conf with the following :
   workgroup = MSHOME
   printing = cups
   printcap name = cups

***Nothing changed in the [printers] section***

$ sudo restart nmbd
$ sudo restart smbd
$ sudo rpcclient localhost -c enumprinters
Enter root's password:
        description:[\\LOCALHOST\Photosmart-C5100-series,,HP Photosmart C5100 series]
        comment:[HP Photosmart C5100 series]

Unlike previously, the "name:[...]" value is now complete with server & printer name. This is confirmed by setting up a printer on Windows XP as well.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone affected by this bug could test on an up-to-date system (12.04 preferably) to try to reproduce the bug. My feeling is that the source of the problem was not samba and got recently updated.

But after two complete days of thorough testing, I am not able to reproduce the bug anymore !

Regarding the upstream samba bug (#8769), it is not related to this issue and should be removed as a reference.