Comment 65 for bug 967410

James D. Robinson (ubu-jdr048) wrote :

Hi to whom it may concern,

At the top of this posting, it states that this bug affects 40 people but judging by the number of google references and comments on the Ubuntu Forums, it affects a great deal than 40. I am referring to the bug where one seems to be unable, to set up a printer attached to a 12.04 server. You see the following error message.

"Windows cannot connect to the printer. Either the printer name was typed incorrectly or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server".

I had this problem on a new server that I had created using Xubuntu 12.04 and which was attached to various windows PCs. Most of these, are running XP Pro. I do not have the problem on a Xubuntu 10.04 server which is attached to the same XP Pro PCs.

The Printer would work locally from the server using USB and another printer of the same type was setup directly on the LAN. This lead, in-fact, to one additional problem. See later.

I eventually managed eventually to get it to work by setting up from the Windows PC to my server using the semi manual approach, of using the syntax where is the server address.

Whereas the original printer which was on the Lan, had been set -up under windows as a port name of


And this was automatically found on the Windows PC's Whereas on the 12.04 Xubuntu server it would not find it so it had to set-up manually as

ipp:// ie it's address on the LAN and that seems to be CUPS error.
This printer uses a name of Brother-HL-2270DW_series

NB the slight difference in the name between the DW and series one is an underscore and the other is a hyphen. This was the cause of a few unsuccessful attempts of getting it to work!!!

CUPS was setting up slightly different IDs as seen on the jobs page (CUPS) and show all jobs..

Best Wishes