Comment 64 for bug 967410

Rob (rob-drrob1) wrote :

I have a home mixed network containing Ubuntu 12.04, linux mint 13, windows xp, windows 7 computers.
p5q runs ubuntu 12.04 and has a brother mfc 7860dw printer
p5 runs win xp and has a HP photosmart 6510 printer

u64 runs ubuntu 12.04
LM13 and maya both run linux mint 13 (based on ubuntu 12.04)
dell9 is a dell 9 mini that now runs ubuntu 12.04

From the dell9, I ran
  net rpc rights list -S p5q rob

it asked for my password which I gave.
Then it came back saying Connection failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

I am able to share the brother printer on p5q using a uri of ipp://

But the computers running ubuntu 12.04 or variant cannot see the others using samba.
And to answer the above poster, the ubuntu based machines cannot see the HP printer on the winxp host.

I'm interested in helping to troubleshoot, but don't know how.