Comment 28 for bug 967410

jmsfnch (jamesfinch) wrote :

Whilst attempting the fix outlined in #21 / #25 / #26 I found this:

root@exabytes:/home/james# rpcclient localhost
Unknown parameter encountered: "lpq"
Ignoring unknown parameter "lpq"
Enter root's password:
rpcclient $> enumprinters

Am I correct in thinking the printer has somehow lost its name? "name:[\\LOCALHOST\]"

Attempting to change the name regardless results in the error:

rpcclient $> setprintername HP_C4480 HP_C4480

The results are the same for both users 'root' and 'james' (a member of lpadmin).

smb.conf contains...
   printer admin = @lpadmin, james

Is anyone able to shed some light on what's happening here? Many thanks.