Comment 25 for bug 967410

James Brown (ta2-0) wrote :

#21 worked for me too, but really needs a better explanation.

rpcclient needs to be run as superuser - it did not work for me until I changed user to root (su root)

i did not try it, but I think "sudo rpcclient" should work as well if you have enabled root directly.

typing "enumprinters 5" resulted in one listing for each of the printers in my system, but the result for each priner was


"enumprinters" (without the "5") yielded this with the correct name for each printer:

        description:[\\LOCALHOST\HP-LaserJet-1100,,HP LaserJet 1100]
        comment:[HP LaserJet 1100]

typing "setprintername HP-LaserJet-1100 HP-LaserJet-1100" resulte din a success message.

typing "enumprinters 5" now lists the printer with the correct name. and I can connect normally from the Windows clients.

I do not know what the "5" means, but apparantly the upgrade did something to zero out the existing settings.