Comment 19 for bug 967410

Nick_Hill (nick-nickhill) wrote :

This bug is somewhat a deal breaker for 12.04 for me. A search on Google will likely show up an array of deal break bugs for Samba 3.6.x. I've been hoping for a fix to come over the last few weeks, but on looking at the upstream release notes, there doesn't seem to be a fix in the pipeline for this, although the most recent update to samba has many, many bug and security fixes.

Perhaps Andrew Tridgell is busy fire fighting at the moment with the 3.6 series. I understand substantial sections have been re-written and obviously not yet mature code.

Perhaps distributions need to do their own code quality control, and perhaps make choices whether to include the latest versions if too buggy.

I'd suggest the previous 3.5 series of Samba should be included in 12.04 repositories, and available by default at least until samba 3.6 is more mature.

I wish I had the time, knowledge and resources to help Andrew Tridgell in his programming efforts on Samba.