Comment 4 for bug 303458

Guillaume Hain (zedtux) wrote :

So, I have back in rescue mode and do all possible updates.

After that, I did an ls /var/lib/samba and saw many files.
So did the apt-get remove --purge libpam-sbmpass and then, execute again an ls /var/lib/samba.
Files still there !

So, I did a rm -rf /var/lib/samba, and then apt-get install libpam-sbmpass.

Next step, I continue boot process and try, in a terminal to do sudo apt-get update and again segmentation fault !

Tail told me, during the sudo apt-get update :
Dec 5 17:07:09 zUbuntu kernel: [ 370.131994] sudo[11276]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fd92f278dbc sp 00007fff391b2e30 error 4 in[7fd92f211000+149000]