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Sergio Durigan Junior (sergiodj) wrote :

Thank you for your interest in this issue.

Let me start by addressing the question of why we can't (or rather "don't want") to provide a samba-vfs-glusterfs package without the direct dependency to glusterfs. We strive to provide good quality packages for Ubuntu users, and that means that if a user issues an "apt-get install samba-vfs-glusterfs" command, we want everything to be ready to be used when that command finishes. Having a package that doesn't fully list its dependencies/recommends goes against this goal.

As Robie mentioned above, this issue could be driven by someone from the community who has the time and motivation to do the rest of the work. Please note that this person would be working to get the package into the development release of Ubuntu; more work would be needed in order to make this available in Focal (if that's even possible).

Having said that, I'd like to say that I understand the frustration here. I put together a PPA containing a samba package for Focal with the glusterfs module enabled. Instead of doing what Andreas did and making sure that the new package doesn't depend on glusterfs (which is in universe), I decided to leave things closer to what Debian does and let it depend on anything that is needed. Please not that this package would not be suitable for the current state of the archive.

The PPA is at:

The git repository containing this temporary package is here:

I will talk to the team tomorrow and see what can be done regarding this bug, but I make no promises here.