Comment 23 for bug 1572876

greg (xeon-greg) wrote :

after yesterday upgrade to 4.3.9 in general problem isn't fixed. but some behaviour has changed. for example, now smbclient can access w/o -U guest option ( see my first comment)
smbclient -N -L //
WARNING: The "syslog" option is deprecated
WARNING: The "null passwords" option is deprecated
OS=[Windows 7 Professional 7601 Service Pack 1] Server=[Windows 7 Professional 6.1]

 Sharename Type Comment
 --------- ---- -------
 ADMIN$ Disk Удаленный Admin
 C$ Disk Стандартный общий ресурс
 Canon MF4320-4350 Printer Canon MF4320-4350
 D$ Disk Стандартный общий ресурс
 E Disk
 G$ Disk Общий ресурс по умолчанию
 IPC$ IPC Удаленный IPC
 print$ Disk Драйверы принтеров
 Users Disk
 Шара Disk
Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_RESOURCE_NAME_NOT_FOUND)
NetBIOS over TCP disabled -- no workgroup available

but from gui : nautilus , krusader etc still pop's up authentication window, and any credentials isn't grant access