Comment 17 for bug 1572876

Dorian Baciu (baciu-dorian) wrote :

I confirm that there are problems with the connection to a PC with Windows 7 installed.
Since when its updated Samba from version 4.1.6 to 4.3.8 (via Update Manager from Linux Mint 17.3), my computer with Linux Mint 17.3 x64 - Cinnamon (based on Ubuntu 14.04, kernel 3.19.58) (client) can no longer connect to another computer (host), where Windows 7 is installed (with shares files/folders) kept asking password connection. Say that Windows 7 computer don't has user password protection, and it has turn off password protected sharing for the directories and files shared, (and with HomeGroup Connections turn off in Windows 7).
(For Samba Team) Please very much to resolve urgently the problem (bug) with Samba ver. 4.3.8, which, from my point of view, was programmed by an incompetent in programming.
I apologize for my inadequate language, but I am very angry with this bug and I urgently need a solution for connecting to Windows 7 (without user password).
There are many on the forums which relate your mistake that they can't connect to computers with Windows (see here, e.g.,
I had no problems with Samba ver. 4.1.6. Everything worked fine with Samba ver. 4.1.6.
I wait an urgent solution to resolve the bug.
(I'm beginner in Linux.)

Thank you for understanding.

Sorry for my poor English.