Comment 7 for bug 1357471

Marco van Zwetselaar (zwets) wrote :

My two Samba AD DCs run in an environment with frequent network interruptions due to power cuts. It seems that even very brief network interruptions trigger this issue, which then doesn't resolve itself when connectivity is restored.

After most network interruptions, the following three messages repeat in log.samba every 5 seconds, and 'sudo samba-tool drs showrepl' shows failures. A 'sudo service samba-ad-dc restart' is required to get everything working again.
- "Update failed: Miscellaneous failure (see text): Matching credential (GC/{other-dc}.{domain}/{domain}@{DOMAIN}) not found"
- "Did not manage to negotiate mandetory feature SIGN for dcerpc auth_level 6"
- "Failed to bind to uuid {uuid-1} for {uuid-1}@ncacn_ip_tcp:{uuid-2}._msdcs.{domain}[1024,seal,krb5] NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

In a country with on average 12 powercuts *per day*, which despite a huge arsenal of stabilisers and UPS-es do cause brief network interruptions, you can imagine that this issue is a major pain in the behind :-/