Comment 75 for bug 1257186

On my machine message looks like this (i.e. when i sudo winecfg):

xxx@xxx-pc:~$ sudo winecfg
[sudo] password for xxx:
no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory
Ignoring unknown parameter "password level"
Ignoring unknown parameter "update encrypted"
wine: /home/xxx/.wine is not owned by you

I have all kind of samba packages installed, also the libpam stuff and pam auth, took me 2 hours to get samba to browser my network, then my user password was changed, when samba and ubuntu passwords where synced, the i had to re-passwd my user, now samba works, ubuntu works, but i get this message. i must say that samba has to be considered completely broken on ubuntu 14.04 LTS as the "Local network share"-feature in the File manager does nothing useful at all, it just doenst bring samba to life, one has to install samba by hand and go through the hole pain in the ass smb.conf procedure, as sambe is a pure pain in the ass to configure.