Comment 15 for bug 570103

sm8ps (sm8ps) wrote :

Thanks for your answers, Simon and Clint! Obviously, '/etc/init/rsyslog.conf' has not been updated as it is missing the 'script'-section. I had a fresh install of Lucid and turned on backports after installation which was several weeks ago. From the 'dpkg'-log I see that 'syslogd' was upgraded to version 4.2.0-2ubuntu8.1. I had not modified anything in either configuration or upstart file until today when I had to turn remote logging on.
So it seems that the upgrade did not change '/etc/init/rsyslog.conf' as it should have from my point of view. The fix is easy, of course. I shall simply add the 'script'-section. Maybe this information can provide useful to somebody else in the same situation. However, I think that 'dpkg' should handle the upgrade in a different way.
St. Mueller, Switzerland