Comment 44 for bug 407862

@Gigglesworth, I'm still suffering the same problem as stated above at #42. For now I've just set all group configs to syslog. I did hit another problem which was all my own work though which might be relevant to you. As you'll see from the dynamic file template above, rsyslog should create a new directory /var/log/<mm> as the month changes. This didn't work for me but that was simply because rsyslog was running as syslog:syslog but /var/log was root:root 0755. That at least was clear once I thought to look.

To save anyone else doing this other test (with apologies to Michael for not simply accepting your statement) I also tested if it made any difference putting user syslog in supplementary group syslog. I couldn't see any difference for rsyslog although as an interactive user I couldn't chgrp a file to a group I wasn't a member of.