Comment 11 for bug 144663

Caco thanks for giving these detailed informations. Concerning the problem you have with the alpha 5 release, I suggest that you boot hardy LiveCD without splash and quiet from the bootline ( you can do this by typing F6 on the LiveCD menu and by erasing splash and quiet ). This way, you will have more detailed outputs about the errors linux kernel get. I also suggest that you try to type modprobe all_generic_ide at the busybox prompt to see if loading that module can let you boot the CD. You can continue to work on that bug here : bug 179336 (I'm subscribed to that bug too)

If you finally get some workaround to bypass bug 179336, it would be very great if you can try to reproduce the screenshot problem under hardy with compiz and the latest ATI restricted drivers enabled, they now work with compiz.

Thanks for your contribution!