Comment 2 for bug 152607

Vivien Taillandier (vivien) wrote :

Thanks for your answer, but I still have a problem.

Here is to how to reproduce the issue (on hardy).
Create a new project.
Draw a three-measure staff.
Insert a marker at the first period and name it "Test".
Open the markers editor.
Insert a new marker at the third period and name it "Test 2".
Click on Test or Test 2 and add a new marker. At this point, you should have a new marker at the same time as Test or Test 2, named "New marker".
The bug happens when you change the value of the period (from 3 to 2 or 1 to 2) and rename the marker, like "Result".
The new marker is okay, but the marker you clicked on just before will be renamed to "new marker" instead of keeping the original name.

I hope I've correctly described the issue and you'll be able to reproduce it.