Comment 14 for bug 859195

Alex Moldovan (alexmoldovan) wrote :

UPDATE: Tested Rhythmbox 2.90.1 and 2.95 using the following:
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 05ac:1301 Apple, Inc. iPod Shuffle 2.Gen
Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0781:74d1 SanDisk Corp. Sansa Clip+ (msc)

iPod Shuffle: (see screenshot)
-in both rhythmbox versions, the ipod is not shown in Rhythmbox but it is reported as having 0 space left, 0 bytes Music, 0 bytes for everything -> not usable. The iPod has a few songs on it which are not seen.

Sansa Clip+:
(MTP mode):
-working in 2.90.1 but playlists do now show on the device after sync, only the music copied from the playlists.
-segfaults in 2.95
(MSC mode):
-working in 2.90.1 playlists showing on the device
-working in 2.95 playlists showing on the device