Comment 6 for bug 476167

I tried obtaining a log of the Rhythmbox crash using Valgrind. Unfortunately, it doesn't crash in this instance.

Here is what I did:
1. Start up Rhythmbox normally.
2. Try to drag and drop the mp3 file podcast.mp3_e_id=D96478F1-BF52-2EB9-60FD39D9861003DC_ref=p_itune to my iPod. Rhythmbox crashes.
3. Start up Rhythmbox again under Valgrind, using the following command: G_SLICE=always-malloc G_DEBUG=gc-friendly valgrind -v --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full --num-callers=40 --log-file=valgrind.log /usr/bin/rhythmbox
4. Try to drag and drop the same mp3 file to my iPod. Mp3 file is transferred successfully.
5. Repeating each of the above processes again obtains the same results.

I'm will attach the valgrind.log anyway, in case it is of any use.