Comment 8 for bug 448710

Okay, I'll try to be a little more descriptive. There are actually two problems, one is the behavior of the close button, and the other is the behavior of clicking the status-icon.

In Jaunty, Rhythmbox was shut down when you clicked the close box. Also, Rhythmbox was minimized to the "tray" (Notification Area) if you clicked it's status-icon.
* Close - quits rhythmbox; icon-click - minimizes to tray

Now, Rhythmbox's default behavior is to minimize to the tray when the close button is clicked, and it minimizes to the tray if you click the status-icon.
* Close - minimizes to tray; icon-click - minimizes to tray

When you set status-icon-mode to 2, the close button now shuts down Rhythmbox, but clicking the status-icon minimizes Rhythmbox normally (to the "Window List" panel)
* Close - quits rhythmbox; icon-click - minimizes to window list

Neither of these options are equivalent to the Jaunty RB behavior (which is the behavior I'm looking for).