Comment 13 for bug 448710

I don't know why this is so hard to explain. Ok, so by default rhythmbox hides itself when you click the close box, as opposed to exiting. To fix this, one can set the value of status-icon-mode to 2, then rhythmbox exits when you click close. Fair enough.

Now, a WHOLE NEW ISSUE comes up when status-icon-mode is set to 2, and that is: clicking the status icon does not minimize rhythmbox to the status tray. The only fix for this is to set status-icon-mode back to 3, in which case we have to deal with the non-exiting close button again.

I admit that these are two separate issues, and should probably have separate reports, in which case I would call the second one "clicking status-icon does not minimize rhythmbox when status-icon-mode is set to 2". But they are closely tied together (and they make it impossible for people to have a rhythmbox that behaves like it did in jaunty)

ANYWAYS, I have recently switched to Kubuntu, per suggestion of a friend, therefore this issue no longer affects me, and this will be my last comment.