Comment 208 for bug 221112

BTW, about the punctuation signs that, in French, requires a nbsp before them, i.e. " ; : ! ? " (for perfect typographic correctness, while usually few people know about this and nobody really cares...) :

Usual word processing programs, such as OpenOffice / LibreOffice, when configured to the french locale, add these typographically required nbsps automagically, so people actually do not have to type the nbsp, which makes the need for an easy entry of these still less of an issue.

Should we follow the slope of stealing a useful right [Ctrl] key for this, then me might well in the future steal the left one for the dash " - ", as in french, we typographically use at least 3 different lenghts for dashes. As previously, word processing software usually transforms the "normal dash" into the "typographically correct dash"... Nope, all this mess of quite complex and unusual characters is the very reason for which meta and compose keys exist in the first place...