Comment 203 for bug 221112

(In reply to comment #75)
> Nicolas,
> Where does the need to *have* a key for nbsp come from?

Because unlike in English most French punctuation symbols require a space (sometimes a short space) before. And if it's not a non-breakable space apps will perform line breaks at the wrong position and you'll end up with orphan sumbols at line starts


Actual authoritative reverence (highly recommended if you want to work on any system with French inputs or outputs)

Lack of non breakspace on French layouts on some OSes is such a basic problem OpenOffice/LibreOffice had to hardcode a nbspc combo but that does not help when writing in you MUA, your browser, your IM client, etc

> Isn't a compose
> combo more appropriate and less error-prone?

Compose is not appropriate for basic symbols you need to write pretty much any correct sentence in the target language. And adding a specific input method for one symbol just because some people can't live with the modifier ISO chose for level 5 is disproportionnate.