Comment 185 for bug 221112

(In reply to comment #60)
> Gentlemen, I am really stuck at that point.

Allow me to sum it up.

 - Nicolas is the sole advocate of having Control_R mapped to Level5.
 - The rest of us want to go back to having both left and right Control behaving the same way.

I'm not quite sure how you want us to organize a vote or poll. French Linux users (just like non-French ones) use a variety of distributions (which, BTW, may not ship the changed version of xkeyboard-config), and may not even all use a French keyboard (I'd say roughly half of my Linux-using friends and coworkers are using US qwerty layouts or mac layouts).

Since apparently no hardware maker is following ISO standards, may I suggest creating new layouts such as "oss-iso" with Nicolas' changes?

As one of Gentoo's X11 maintainers, I am really tempted to just revert that change downstream. The few French users I have talked to were just as surprised as I was to lose their Control_R key for no apparent reason.

I could organize a poll on my blog but being aggregated only on Planet Gentoo, I wouldn't give much credit to any numbers I could find.