Comment 181 for bug 221112

All answers ask to perform the change. How is that not an agreement? I was
hoping to get it in this release of Ubuntu. Alas.

2014-04-18 1:06 GMT+02:00 Sergey V. Udaltsov <email address hidden>:

> Gentlemen, I am really stuck at that point. I am refusing to make any
> changes before there is either some kind of agreement - or there are some
> minimally conclusive voting results.
> I do not take any sides (I cannot have any personal opinion, not using
> French). I am just freezing the situation.
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> Title:
> Can't use space bar in search bar when using french alternative
> keyboard
> Status in libgnomekbd:
> Confirmed
> Status in Listen, a Music player and management:
> Confirmed
> Status in Quod Libet is a GTK+-based audio player written in Python.:
> Unknown
> Status in The Rhythmbox Music Management Application:
> Confirmed
> Status in SciTE - A free source code editor for Win32 and X:
> New
> Status in central project for keyboard configuration:
> Confirmed
> Status in “quodlibet” package in Ubuntu:
> Invalid
> Status in “rhythmbox” package in Ubuntu:
> Fix Released
> Status in “xkeyboard-config” package in Ubuntu:
> Fix Released
> Status in “xkeyboard-config” source package in Precise:
> Triaged
> Bug description:
> [Impact]
> In the fr(oss) keymap, both space and Ctrl + space return the same
> XLookupString, which prevents space from being used in some applications.
> This had been fixed in lucid and maverick, but the patch appears to
> have been misplaced during the (rather major) update from 1.8 to 2.1,
> thus the reports of it regressing in comments #135 and #141, as well
> as dupe bug #938671.
> [Development Fix]
> Patch 128_fix_oss_ctrl_space_accelerator.patch fixed this problem in
> lucid and maverick, but was dropped in natty when we updated to upstream
> xkeyboard-config 2.1. However, the patch was also sent upstream and
> accepted there. So for quantal a cherrypick of that commit was backported.
> [Stable Fix]
> Since currently quantal is shipping the same xkeyboard-config version as
> precise, we can carry the same patch there as well.
> [Test Case]
> 1. Set keyboard to fr(oss). (Note due to unrelated bug, you need to do
> this in your /etc/defaults/keyboard config file.)
> 2. Start rhythmbox
> 3. Do a song search
> 4. Type in a search term that includes a space character
> Broken Behavior: Space triggers the play/pause function in rhythmbox
> Fixed Behavior: A space character is inserted
> [Regression Potential]
> The patch is one we carried in lucid and maverick (when rhythmbox was
> the default music player IIRC), and has been upstream for a while. So I
> think it is a safe change.
> Actually, I'm surprised there have not been more complaints about it
> lately. But during the interim we'd switched to banshee so perhaps
> users didn't notice it.
> [Original Report]
> I tried to search for "The Do" in the search bar, but the space bar
> didn't write a space. Instead, it played the currently selected song (space
> is the shortcut for playing/pausing the song). I've just installed the last
> Hardy release candidate.
> ProblemType: Bug
> Architecture: i386
> Date: Wed Apr 23 19:30:12 2008
> DistroRelease: Ubuntu 8.04
> ExecutablePath: /usr/bin/rhythmbox
> NonfreeKernelModules: nvidia
> Package: rhythmbox 0.11.5-0ubuntu6
> PackageArchitecture: i386
> ProcEnviron:
> PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games
> LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8
> SHELL=/bin/bash
> SourcePackage: rhythmbox
> Uname: Linux 2.6.24-16-generic i686
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Olivier Grégoire