Comment 46 for bug 1131664

bluedxca93 (bluedxca93) wrote :

I think all gtk3 programs schould use the old gtk3.4-6 like menubar functions . Gnome 3 could easily create an dconf variable wich schould force the program too use gear menus instead of the menubar. Why not an scalable space area in the toolbar which would be 1px transparent normally and show on Gnome 3 shell gear menu's . Where lies the problem?? . Do somebody need an APP-MENU ??? I don`t. It would be better to have an MENUBAR or GAER MENU SETTINGS with MENUBAR as default.

Have patched evince (already posted) file-roller and epiphany to MENUBAR ONLY . Instead of nautilus use nemo . If somebody likes to see the modified sources send me an PM.
regards bluedxca93