Comment 11 for bug 989585

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 08:57:51PM -0000, Nathan Stratton Treadway wrote:
> However, it seems like people who have done this on their machines have
> had some specific reason to take an interest in the specific contents of
> their resolv.conf file, and I wonder if silently undoing that will
> causes some unhappy surprises....

Agreed, which is why I'm proposing that we not be silent about it. A
critical debconf error prompt is appropriate here.

There's no sense in failing the upgrade for something we know how to fix
automatically, because there is ultimately only one choice here. You can't
upgrade to 12.04 without installing resolvconf, you can't install resolvconf
without giving it control over /etc/resolv.conf. Now that resolvconf is
managing this file instead of NM, there really aren't good reasons to make
it immutable anyway, and admins just need to transition to the new behavior.

> (Also, would it make sense to expand the Release Notes paragraph on
> resolvconf to mention this sort of problem? The current brief-mention-
> with-link-to-blog is pretty easy to miss [and in any case the blog
> doesn't currently mention the immutable-resolv.conf problem].)

It doesn't mention it because we didn't expect it to be a significant
problem. And I think we should make it not a problem, which makes the
documentation moot...