Activity log for bug #456099

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2009-10-20 07:56:03 Thierry Carrez bug added bug
2009-10-20 07:56:24 Thierry Carrez eucalyptus (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2009-10-20 07:56:31 Thierry Carrez eucalyptus (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Low
2009-10-26 09:51:11 Thierry Carrez eucalyptus (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Triaged
2009-11-13 14:10:18 Thierry Carrez bug task added eucalyptus
2010-01-29 17:58:01 Dustin Kirkland  affects eucalyptus (Ubuntu) axis2c (Ubuntu)
2010-04-11 14:42:02 Thierry Carrez summary axis2c.log is full of spurious errors axis2c.log is full of spurious (and full of typos) errors
2010-04-12 14:17:03 Thierry Carrez affects axis2c (Ubuntu) rampart (Ubuntu)
2010-05-14 21:11:16 Laurie Byrum nominated for series eucalyptus/1.6.2
2010-10-12 03:39:14 Neil Soman eucalyptus: status New Won't Fix
2010-10-12 03:39:20 Neil Soman eucalyptus: status Won't Fix Invalid
2012-05-16 11:38:13 Thierry Carrez removed subscriber Thierry Carrez