Comment 39 for bug 707794

Scott Kitterman (kitterman) wrote :

Here's the feedback from the Debian pyside maintainer. It seems reasonable to me. Comments?

[07:12:34] <ScottK> OdyX: Would you please have a look at and consider including in your next upload (obviously the changelog entry doesn't work for Debian)?
[07:14:28] <OdyX> ScottK: will do, thanks for the heads'up.
[07:14:36] <ScottK> Great. Thanks.
[07:25:38] <OdyX> ScottK: huh, no… This patch is no-op (AFAIK, on Debian at least), as mesa-common-dev is already pulled in, B-D on libqt4-opengl-dev > libgl1-mesa-dev > mesa-common-dev .
[07:25:46] <OdyX> Did Ubuntu break this chain ?
[07:26:10] <ScottK> OdyX: "Changed". We switched from GL to GLES in Qt on armel.
[07:26:34] <ScottK> So it's a no-op for Debian and fixes an actual problem in Ubuntu.
[07:26:52] <OdyX> ScottK: then requiring PySide to explicitely B-D on mesa-common-dev is wrong (IMHO), it must be done in the libqt4-opengl-dev package.
[07:27:45] <ScottK> OdyX: Makes sense. I'll take it up with the people making that recommendation. Thanks.